POLL: Voters are Tired of Target’s Woke VIrtue Signaling

According to the results of a Rasmussen poll published in early June, 64% of American adults at least occasionally shop at Target, which includes 27% who conduct purchases at the store at least once a month.

Among adults who shop at Target at least occasionally, 35% indicated that this controversy has made them less likely to purchase items at Target, whereas  25% said it has made them more likely to shop at the store. 37% of frequent Target shoppers noted the woke controversy has not made much on their shopping habits.

However, 48% of regular Target shoppers think that businesses generally do too much to celebrate LGBTQ Pride month. 17% believe businesses don’t do enough to celebrate Pride month, while 21% indicated that the number of Pride celebrations by businesses is about right.

74% of Democrat voters, 53% of Republican voters, and 63% of independent voters occasionally shop at Target. 47% of Republican voters, 20% of Democrat voters, and 42% of independent voters stated that the recent Pride month controversy has made them less likely to patronize Target. 67% of Republican voters believe businesses celebrate Pride month too much, a belief that is shared by 38% of Democrat voters and 43% of independent voters.

27% of white voters, 29% of black voters and 30% of non-black minorities go shopping at Target at least once a month. 

As far as incomes are concerned, Americans making $200,000 annually are the demographic cohort that most frequently shops at Target. Individuals earning under $50,000 annually are more likely to indicate that the Pride month controversy has made them less likely to go shopping at Target. 

The Right must get serious about using boycotts to punish woke businesses. Complaining is nice and all, but inaction will only guarantee that corporate America will continue its fanatic woke push against the Historic American Nation.

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