POLL: Voters Trust Republicans More to Handle Crime

According to a Rasmussen poll, 49% of voters trust Republicans more to tackle crime and law enforcement issues, whereas 38% trust Democrats more. 14% are unsure.

83% of voters believe crime will be a prominent issue in the 2024 presidential election cycle, which includes 52% who expect the issue to be very important. Only 15% of voters don’t believe crime will be an important issue in the 2024 election. 

66% of Republican voters believe the crime issue will be very important in the 2024 election, in addition to 42% of Democrat voters and 49% of independent voters.

77% of  Republican voters, 38% of Democrat voters believe the country’s violent crime problem is worsening. 65% of independent voters believe the problem is worsening. 21% of Democrat voters, 8% of Republican voters, and 11% of independent voters indicated that the violent crime problem is improving.

86% of Republican voters and 77% of Democrat voters trust their own party more to tackle the issue of crime. 

69% of voters who believe the violent crime problem in America is getting worse indicated that they trust Republicans more to tackle the issue.

63% of white voters, 52% of black voters, and 51% of non-black minorities believe the country’s violent crime problem is worsening. 55% of white voters, 35% of black voters, and 39% of non-black minorities trust the GOP more to tackle crime and law enforcement, whereas 32% of white voters, 48% of black voters, and 49% of non-black minorities trust Democrats more on the issue.

As far as income earners are concerned, voters making between $30,000 and $50,000 annually are most likely to believe the issue of crime will be very important in the 2024 election. Voters making north of $100,000 annually are less likely to believe the crime problem is worsening.

Overall, America has a crime problem that both parties have failed to address. After all, it was the Trump administration that passed the First Step Act, one of the biggest jailbreak laws in recent memory. 

It’s going to take a nationalist uprising that results in the overthrow of the corrupt two party duopoly in DC to get solid law & order policies being implemented in cities worldwide. 

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