Populist Firebrand Blake Masters Plans to Throw His Hat in the Ring for Kyrsten Sinema’s Senate Seat

According to several Republican insiders, Blake Masters plans on running for Arizona’s United States Senate seat in 2024.

The election for the seat currently held by Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema — who is an independent — is viewed as a Republican pickup.

Thus far, Sinema hasn’t indicated if she will be running for re-election. 

Masters’ announcement could put himself at loggerheads with fellow populist candidate Kari Lake, who is also considering a Senate run. 

Lake, a staunch Trump supporter, unsuccessfully ran for governor in 2022. She and Masters participated in Republican events together to fire up the party’s populist base 

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb also threw his hat in the Republican ring for the US Senate seat. Thus far, his campaign has barely raised money or gained any meaningful traction. 

Democrat Congressman Ruben Gallego has already thrown his hat in the ring and is expected to be the Democrat nominee. Sinema was originally a Democrat but then went the independent route after she received massive flak for her reasonable stances on border security. 

Arizona has grown more competitive in recent years. Current President Joe Biden won the state by a 49.4% to 49.1% margin. Arizona Senator Mark Kelly defeated Masters by a 51.4% to 46.5% margin, while Katie Hobbs defeated Kari Lake by a 50.3% to 49.6% margin.  

Masters would be a great addition in the US Senate. His populist streak would shake up an otherwise stagnant political environment in DC. To bring about change in DC, more neocons and neoliberals need to be knocked out of office.

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