Populist Right-Wing Party Opposing Military Aid to Ukraine Wins Huge Election Victory in Slovakia

A populist, right-wing party was the big victor during this past weekend’s elections in Slovakia after its charismatic leader campaigned on ending military aid to Ukraine.

Smer-SD, a party led by former Prime Minister Robert Fico, won 22.9 percent of the vote in the elections. They now control 42 votes out of 150 in the Parliament and will have to join with lesser parties in order to form a coalition government.

Fico has repeatedly slammed the influence of George Soros and echoed talking points about Ukrainian support of Nazi fighters that are called by the Western media, despite their basis in fact, as Russian disinformation.

“War always comes from the West and peace from the East,” Fico said during an August campaign event.

“What’s happening today is useless slaughter,” he said about the Ukrainian war. “They are emptying military warehouses to force countries to buy more American weapons.”

Fico previously served three terms as Slovakian prime minister but was run out of office after the slaying of an opposition journalist and his fiancée. He was forced to resign after widespread protests gripped the nation. Now, the country is having regrets for turning on Fico, and he is likely to rise back into power as the strongman needed to stand up against undue foreign influence.

“He wants revenge,” said Fico critic Pavol Hardos, who works as a political scientist at the Comenius University in Bratislava. “He is very open about wanting to come back and restore the old order. He is open about whom he will sack, what measures he will scrap once he’s back in power.”

Smer-SD is expected to join with the leftist Hlas party, which is an off-shoot of the Smer-SD party, and the Slovak National Party. Combining their forces, these entities would have 79 votes in Parliament and be able to put together a functioning ruling coalition government.

“We’re here, we’re ready, we’ve learned something, we’re more experienced,” Fico said following his victory. “We have clear ideas; we have clear plans.”

This news has other populist leaders in the region enthused, most vocally Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who is likely to have an ally calling for restraint regarding Ukraine.

“Guess who’s back!” Orban said in an X post, referencing the news of Smer-SD’s victory. “Always good to work together with a patriot. Looking forward to it.”

This is great news for opponents of globalism as it shows that no matter how much propaganda is put out there to the masses, they will choose freedom if given an opportunity.

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