Populist Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Don Huffines Vows to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender if Elected

As the Biden regime prepares to crack down against cryptocurrency, Texas gubernatorial candidate Don Huffines, who is one of many upstart Republican primary challengers opposing RINO Greg Abbott, says he will make Bitcoin legal tender if elected.

The Huffines campaign released a detailed plan regarding cryptocurrency last week that they claim would make Texas “the Citadel for Bitcoin.”

“I have owned Bitcoin for years and am a strong believer in both its value as an asset and potential as a currency. As a leader in innovation, Texas must lead the nation on Bitcoin policy and cryptocurrency adoption. I am committed to making Texas the Citadel for Bitcoin and protecting the industry from the federal government,” Huffines said.

“It’s clear that the federal government is trying to shut down or limit freedom-loving Texans who are investing in Bitcoin, and without a courageous governor who will stand up against them, they will. Not on my watch,” he added.

The specifics of Huffines’ Bitcoin policies can be seen here:

– Establishing the Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Policy Commission, which will be tasked with identifying the utility of currencies that can be recognized as accepted Texas currency. This will allow trade to occur with Bitcoin and provide confidence to increase in alternative mediums of exchange that will be complementary to the U.S. Dollar. 

– Declaring Bitcoin as legal tender for its citizens and businesses to transact in. 

– Working with energy producers, electric retailers, and Bitcoin and cryptocurrency miners to establish a more robust and reliable energy grid. Promote the use of flared or vented gas for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining. 

– Protecting citizens and businesses from federal government interference and Federal Reserve-induced inflation by holding a portion of state reserve funds to Bitcoin and eliminating barriers to citizens owning, mining, and transacting in Bitcoin. 

– Protecting Texas-based Bitcoin and cryptocurrency owners and miners from federal regulations. 

– Prohibiting localities from regulating Bitcoin miners and Bitcoin holders.

As the Huffines campaign is on the cutting edge, Abbott appears in photo ops featuring endorsements from disreputable RINOs like former South Carolina governor and Trump administration traitor Nikki Haley.

In addition to Huffines, another formidable contender to Abbott – Retired Lt. Col. and former Texas GOP Chair Allen West – has risen in recent months, even topping Abbott in a recent poll of likely Republican primary voters. The big money behind Abbott may not be enough to keep him serving in Austin, with the public now looking for authentic right-wing fighters who will go on offense against the Radical Left in the age of Trump.

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