Portland ANTIFA Inflicts $500,000 in Damages in Downtown Riot, Police Refuse to Intervene

Portland ANTIFA militants inflicted more than $500,000 in damages during a riot last week in the city’s downtown, with the city’s police department refusing to intervene. The cops have cited a new law enacted by the Oregon legislature preventing any use of pepper spray, tear gas, or “incapacitating projectiles” to deter criminal activity in a crowd control environment, merely throwing up their hands and leaving the city to the whims of ANTIFA.

Photography of the October 12th riot showed trash strewn all over the streets of downtown Portland, buildings tagged with left-wing graffiti, and windows of major businesses broken.

A Portland Police representative revealed that the cops had decided to back off from the destructive criminal activity, fearing the potential of criminal prosecution from far-left prosecutors.

The reason that we did not intervene goes back to what we talked about last month with House Bill 2928 and the restrictions placed on us in a crowd control environment,explained Portland Police Lt. Jake Jensen. House Bill 2928 penalizes obstruction of ANTIFA riots on the part of law enforcement with second-degree official misconduct charges.

The fact of the matter is without being able to use pepper spray, without being able to use our 40 millimeter less lethal devices in that kind of environment really prevents us from having access to the tools that we need in large part to keep us safe.

ANTIFA militants had cited the death of a far-left activist named Sean Kealiher as justification for the violent riot, a man who was hit by a car and killed following a bar fight. They blame the police for the lack of an arrest following his death, ignoring the potential of self-defense and the fact that the organization has consistently opposed policing and law enforcement.

The corporate media has quietly sought to nudge the street terror organization away from mainstream coverage in the aftermath of the national Trump-centric reality show, but the violent criminal organization has refused to stop the terror.

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