Portland ANTIFA Resumes Siege of Federal Courthouse, Setting Fires With People Inside

Portland ANTIFA appeared in full force at the beleagured city’s Hatfield Federal Courthouse on Thursday night, engaging in vandalism, arson and political violence. The extremist group’s latest attack on the courthouse suggests it won’t be going away, even with Joe Biden replacing Donald Trump on the presidential throne.

Video footage of the scene revealed that ANTIFA set a considerable fire just outside the entrance to the courthouse.

ANTIFA militants had tried to breach the front door of a nearby bank, with a security guard pulling a gun in a highly dangerous situation. Portland Police have proved unable or unwilling to perform their law enforcement duties that prevents these sorts of violent mob confrontations, even after “100% ANTIFA” militant Michael Reinoehl shot and killed a peaceful Patriot Prayer demonstrator during the summer.

Federal law enforcement ultimately dispersed the crowd of criminal extremists from the scene of the courthouse, in a scene reminiscent of Portland’s nightly riots during the summer. It appears that CBP and ICE officers are still stationed at the courthouse, even after liberals condemned their presence during Trump’s reign as a fascist occupation.

ANTIFA militants staged an attack on the Oregon Democratic Party on the day of Biden’s inauguration, declaring a communist war on the neoliberal party. The summer will be a major indicator as to the left-wing extremist group’s enduring presence in the city, with major businesses and families now fleeing the city’s downtown.

With the third major riot event in the left-wing city since Biden’s ascension to the presidential throne, it appears that Portland will continue to be a national disgrace and a breeding ground for left-wing terrorism. The city’s neoliberal mayor and government may try to clean up the “impolite” criminal element, but there’s no placing the cat back in the bag after tolerating ANTIFA’s criminality and violence for years.

Portland is a joke, and the city’s residents have proven unwilling to confront the spectre of anarcho-tyranny and left-wing terrorism plaguing the city.

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