Pot Calls Kettle Black As Xi Jinping Criticizes America During UN Speech

While Americans are well-read when it comes to the Democrats accusing Republicans of evil deeds that turn out to have been conjured from sadistic liberal minds, many have not been significantly exposed to international examples of this hypocrisy for quite some time. In what seems like an effort to rectify this discrepancy, Communist China’s Premier Xi Jinping used his speaking slot during the ongoing U.N. General Assembly to criticize America for being unreliable and generally an ill to the rest of the world, conveniently forgetting the millions of Western jobs his regime’s currency policies have destroyed over the last few decades.

According to The Epoch Times, Xi gave a pre-recorded speech to the United Nations General Assembly on the 21st of September and used his slot to criticize the Biden regime on how it has handled several key issues recently, in particular the withdrawal quagmire in Afghanistan. While many of the criticisms were somewhat well-founded, many have argued that Communist China of all countries should not be lecturing America on behaving on the world stage, much less human rights violations.

“Recent developments in the global situation show once again that military intervention from the outside and so-called democratic transformation entail nothing but harm,” Xi said during his speech. While he did not mention any specific country by name, the consensus of those with a triple-digit IQ is that he was referring to the Biden regime’s embarrassing handling of withdrawing from Afghanistan.

Indeed, the disastrous and chaotic aftermath of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, almost exclusively caused by the Biden regime’s handling of the logistics, has allowed China to make the case that America and indeed the West at large represent unreliable and unprofitable partners in the realms of security and economics, implying that China can serve as a far superior alternative.

In a stunning show of richness, Xi even used his slot to call for a “coordinated global Covid-19 response” in hopes that the world would magically forget the country from which the virus originated. Xi was even bold enough to claim that “China has never and will never invade or bully others or seek hegemony,” apparently momentarily spacing out on the Middle Kingdom’s illustrious history of making vassal tributaries of Southeast Asian kingdoms over millennia every time China became powerful enough to do so. And perhaps it might be his age, but Xi had also evidently forgotten the many times in recent years the CCP has tried to create neo-colonial fiefdoms out of the weaker nations of the Global South.

But given that the United Nation’s own Human Rights Council’s membership includes the likes of Sudan, Venezuela, Bahrain, Indonesia, and even China itself, this latest example of Kabuki Theatre at the UN seems hardly surprising to the minority of humans who have been paying attention.

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