Potential Future Pope Condemns Sri Lanka Attacks as ‘Barbaric Islamist Violence’

A Catholic cardinal considered by many to be a candidate to become the next Pope has condemned the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka as “barbaric Islamist violence” after at least 290 Christians were murdered during worship on Easter Sunday.

Cardinal Robert Sarah of Guinea condemned the attacks in Sri Lanka on Twitter, writing that it illustrates “how the followers of Christ are all over the world the victims of wild and foolish deeds,” and adding, “I condemn this barbaric Islamic violence” before instructing his followers to pray.

The tweet was posted alongside a statue of Jesus Christ spattered with blood from the attacks.

The high ranking Vatican official, who is 73, is widely considered the be a candidate to become a future Pope, possibly succeeding Pope Francis.

Sarah has previously expressed grave concern for the future of the West, comparing it to a tree without roots.

“You know the biggest worry is that, Europe, doesn’t want anymore, or has lost the sense of its origins,” said Sarah. “It has lost its roots. Yet, a tree without roots, it dies. And I’m afraid that West will die. There are plenty of signs, you see, plenty of signs.”

The cardinal went on, “You are invaded, still, by other cultures, other peoples, which will progressively dominate you by their number, and completely change your culture, your convictions, your morality.”


Sri Lanka was rocked by terrorist attacks over Easter Sunday, with known radical Islamists attacking Christians in churches throughout the nation.

The death toll currently stands at 290, with at least 500 more injured after the devastating bombings.

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