Preacher Goes Viral After Being Told By Mall Of America Security To Remove ‘Jesus Saves’ T-Shirt

Last weekend, a man wearing a “Jesus Saves” T-shirt was ordered to remove the clothing or leave Minnesota’s Mall of America.

The video of the exchange between the man and mall security has since gone viral.


“If you want to shop here you need to take off that shirt,” the man,  Paul Shoro, was told. After being swamped by security personnel.

In another clip, the same security guard is seen saying “Jesus is associated with religion and it is offending people. People have been offended.”

According to, a spokesperson for the shopping center said “ the man was allowed to remain in the Mall following the interaction while still wearing his shirt.”

“This is despite the fact guards can clearly be heard threatening to kick him out,” the outlet added.

Shoro, a preacher who hails from Ethiopia, defended himself saying he would rather “go to jail or die” than take off the “Jesus Saves” T-shirt.

The preacher claims he was at the mall to hand out gospel tracks, and that his presence at the Mall of America on January 7th was a request from God.

Shoro recounted the entire experience in the YouTube video below:

“He told me what to do. Go into the street and preach the Gospel. I ordered t-shirts. Everything I have is Jesus, man. Hallelujah!” Shoro shares in the video.

“The Lord delivered me from the darkness. He anointed me and finally by the time I was in Washington D.C. he said ‘Hey son, I need you to go to Minnesota.’” he added.

“I started going to Mall of America and met tens of thousands of people but they stopped me preaching the gospel,” he continued.

The now viral clip has been shared via TikTok and other various social media platforms. With many users weighing in to highlight how this exchange never would have happened that Shoro been wearing BLM or LGBT clothing.

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