President Alexander Lukashenko Says West Wants to Subjugate Belarus

During his address to the nation, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko declared that Western nations aren’t interested in a sovereign and economically independent Russia or Belarus.

“Neither a sovereign Belarus nor a sovereign Russia with a strong economy is needed by anyone [in the West],” the head of state proclaimed.

“If Russia and Belarus want to be sovereign and independent, “one should not have their head in the clouds,” Lukashenko noted. “We should each do our own thing. The second condition of sovereignty and independence is historical memory and our national traditions,” the Belarusian leader continued. 

The name of NATO’s game is unbridled universalism. This military alliance’s grand project is to subjugate the entire planet and turn it into a woke facsimile of dysfunctional Collective West polities. Such a goal should scare all rational nations. 

Hopefully, multipolarity can emerge as a rational counter-balancing force against this insanity. The last thing the world needs is for wokism to become the international standard. 

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