President Donald Trump Endorses Abraham Hamadeh for Arizona Attorney General

President Donald Trump endorsed Army Reserve intelligence officer, long-time liberty activist and former Maricopa County prosecutor Abraham Hamadeh for Arizona attorney general on Tuesday.

Hamadeh has emerged as the grassroots favorite after vocally opposing the election steal and vowing to prosecute vote fraudsters if elected to the post of Arizona attorney general. Trump has taken notice and given Hamadeh his full-throated endorsement.

“Abraham Hamadeh is a fantastic candidate running for Arizona Attorney General. He is a veteran, a former prosecutor and, most importantly, he’s tough and he’s smart. Abe Hamadeh knows what happened in the 2020 Election, and will enforce voting laws so that our Elections are Free and Fair again,” Trump wrote in an email blast sent through his Save America PAC. 

“He will go after the drug cartels to secure and stop the invasion of our Southern Border, and is committed to the Constitution, equal justice under the law, and our Military and our Veterans. He will stand up to “woke” Big Tech and the Radical Left,” he continued. 

“Also, he will protect our Great Second Amendment, which is under siege now more than ever before. Abraham Hamadeh will restore LAW and ORDER to Arizona, and he has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” Trump added.

Hamadeh would be a welcomed change over Arizona’s current do-nothing attorney general Mark Brnovich, who rubs elbows with the criminals he should be prosecuting, as Big League Politics has reported:

Arizona AG Brnovich failed to prosecute Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer.

Richer’s office held up the Arizona audit last August by defying subpoenas from the Arizona Senate for routers and administrative passwords.

Instead, a source tells Big League Politics that Brnovich was spotted hanging out with Richer at a back room political club called “The Teneo Network”.

Brnovich is currently running for U.S. Senate in Arizona, but he has been derelict in his duties of prosecuting fraud in the 2020 election.

“We need to demand the attorney general indict, follow through with the audit,” said Congressman Paul Gosar. “He’s running for the U.S. Senate. Why not make him do his job? Make it conditional on that.”

Regarding Richer, Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake recently said he “doesnt care about election integrity, he only cares about making it easier to cheat.”

Brnovich went last year viral for playing with a pair of nunchucks in a video he posted to Twitter instead of prosecuting Maricopa elections officers like Richer who were illegally withholding evidence of fraud in the 2020 election.

The attorney general of Arizona has shown contempt for the people of the state, refusing to investigate or prosecute the illegal withholding of evidence of fraud in the 2020 election. The Maricopa County recorder refused to comply with a Senate subpoena demanding evidence of the fraud.

Instead, the two appear to hang out with each other behind closed doors.

Arizona voters should clean house.

Hamadeh would be a welcomed change from the status quo. This Trump-endorsed attorney general candidate is exactly what the people of Arizona need to clean house and defend the rule of law.

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