President Donald Trump Endorses Sandy Smith for Congress in North Carolina’s 1st District

President Donald Trump has endorsed Congressional candidate Sandy Smith for North Carolina’s 1st District, releasing an statement praising Smith through his Save America PAC.

“A successful business owner and proud military mother, Sandy will Strengthen our Military, Fight for our Vets, Promote School Choice, Defend our under siege Second Amendment, and Support our Country’s Great Farmers and Manufacturers. Importantly, she knows what to do against ever-spiraling inflation – and she will do it,” Trump said in his endorsement.

Trump issued effusive praise to Smith while speaking at a recent rally in Wilmington, N.C.:

Additionally, Trump exposed Smith’s Democrat competitor for being a disgraceful fraud who is out of touch with the priorities of North Carolina voters.

“Her opponent, Don Davis, is a Radical Left puppet of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. He believes in Open and Unchecked Borders, and doesn’t mind the fact that other Countries are dumping their prisoners into the United States of America,” Trump said.

“Davis refuses to fight the Out-of-Control Crime in our cities, and strongly believes in Defunding our Police. He voted against the Parents’ Bill of Rights Act and is against, believe it or not, Voter ID. Don Davis is a disaster for North Carolina and all that its Great People stand for!” Trump added.

Big League Politics has reported on how Don Davis voted as state senator to allow predators to victimize children with sexual grooming propaganda in the classroom:

State senator Don Davis, a Democrat, is challenging MAGA favorite Sandy Smith, a Republican, for North Carolina’s new 1st Congressional District seat in the U.S. House.

Davis is fashioning himself as a conservative-leaning Democrat in order to win voters and avoid being swept away by the upcoming “Red Wave” in November, but one key vote highlights Davis’ radicalism and embrace of left-wing insanity.

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