President Donald Trump Releases New Statement on Sham Senate Impeachment Trial

President Donald Trump released a statement on the US Senate’s sham impeachment trial on Monday. The Senate is slated to move forward with the partisan hit job against the 45th President this week.

The Senate trial will include four hours of argument for each side on the constitutional merits of impeaching a former President. No ex-President has been impeached in the history of the United States, and the Constitution expressly outlines impeachment as a process to remove a sitting President from office.

45 Republican Senators have already voted to condemn the sham trial as an unconstitutional proceeding, assuring that the event has no chance to end in a conviction. Trump is slated to become the first president to be acquitted in impeachment trials two times, perhaps permanently establishing the impeachment process as a partisan political maneuver and turning the US presidency into a de facto parliamentary office subject to the desires of congress.

The proceeding will proceed in an expedited fashion, and may not even feature witnesses.

Biden is yet to firmly endorse the sham impeachment charade, which would destroy any hope of the “unity” the new Democrat President has claimed he fervently desires during his Inauguration speech and on several instances while in office.

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