President of Nation’s Largest Teacher’s Union Promotes Transgenderism to Kindergartners

The president of the largest teacher’s union in the country, the National Education Association, read two books promoting transgenderism to a class of kindergartners in Virginia last week.

Lily Eskelen Garcia read from the books I am Jazz and Julian is a Mermaid to the class of young children at Ashlawn Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia. She was joined by trans activist Sarah McBride, who spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2016 in support of transgender ideology.

I am Jazz is a “children’s book” about a “trans child.” Garcia read in detail about the notion of transgenderism to the audience of children, presenting the concept to impressionable children who don’t know any better. The National Education Association tweeted about the event:

The trans ideology book reading represents the latest in an alarming introduction of trans activism in schools.  Increasingly cultural progressives seek to popularize the concept of transgenderism among children, including those who have not yet undergone the life-altering process of puberty.

This could be a factor in spiking rates of children seeking to identify as the opposite sex, in many cases reversing their decision after their bodies undergo the changes that naturally occur as they grow older.

However, in some incredibly shocking cases, children of young ages are undergoing potentially life-changing hormone therapy.

Some serious medical organizations have spoken out to condemn diagnosis and “treatment” of gender dysphoria among children, as a threat to the well-being and identity of children who don’t know any better.

The American College of Pediatricians released a statement rebuking hormonal treatment on supposed trans kids as “mass experimentation.

Cultural progressives will take no heed and will continue to peddle their destructive and downright sick propaganda with the hopes of rewiring the brains of innocent children to accept it.

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