President Trump Asked About Trump Jr.’s Tiger King Pardon Suggestion At Press Conference

A reporter asked President Trump about the viral Netflix series ‘Tiger King’ during Wednesday’s press conference, and Trump perhaps jokingly suggested he’d look into a presidential pardon for exotic animal park operator Joe Exotic.

Watch the exchange here:

Donald Trump Jr. had casually suggested it wouldn’t be impossible for President Trump to consider a pardon or clemency for Joe Exotic during an appearance on a radio show Tuesday, and his father correctly deduced that his younger son had floated the idea.

Trump apparently has heard of the show, stating that he’s “been waiting for somebody to ask me about that,” but he hasn’t seen it, probably on account of the presidential work schedule during the coronavirus epidemic.

The President asked Jim Acosta for his opinion on the Tiger King saga, with the nominal ‘reporter’ pretending that he’s too much of an objective, serious journalist to speak about the series during the press conference.

The Tiger King series has taken off in great part because of the inability of many Americans to participate in everyday life during the coronavirus epidemic.

Exotic, who is profiled in depth in the documentary series, ran an exotic animal park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. He was arrested in 2018 and ultimately convicted for a supposed plot to assassinate an animal rights campaigner in Florida, a saga that is detailed in length in the documentary. Exotic maintains his innocence, and reports indicate that he is actively seeking a presidential pardon from President Trump.


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