President Trump Blocks Exxon From Doing Business In Russia

President Trump, Facebook

In another narrative-killing blow for the anti-Donald Trump Establishment, the President Friday blocked his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s former company Exxon Mobil from continuing to drill for oil in Russia.

The United States Treasury Department announced Friday: “In consultation with President Donald J. Trump, the Treasury Department will not be issuing waivers to U.S. companies, including Exxon, authorizing drilling prohibited by current Russian sanctions.”

Exxon had applied for a waiver from Treasury to continue its oil business in Russia-controlled Arctic lands. Exxon has been partnering with Rosneft, a Russian company, to try to get at the oil, but U.S. sanctions against Russia had been prohibiting the company to do so.

Progressive anti-Trump globalist factions have been touting Exxon’s waiver application as proof that Tillerson is in bed with the Russians for his former company’s financial interests, but that claim clearly has no basis in fact. That President Trump blocked the waiver request himself signals that he is committed to shutting down any image of impropriety or conflict of interest, especially as it pertains to Russia.

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