President Trump Congratulates Outsiders Nominated as Attorney General and Secretary of State Candidates in Michigan

President Donald Trump congratulated the two outsiders who he backed in convention elections after they won the Republican nominations for Attorney General and Secretary of State in this year’s upcoming midterms.

Trump wrote a laudatory message to Matt Deperno and Kristina Karamo, the two individuals who won their respective nominations for Attorney General and Secretary of State despite having no political experience. Deperno is an attorney who represented a high-profile election fraud case pertaining to irregularities in vote-tabulating computers. Karamo is a Christian patriot who witnessed voter fraud firsthand while volunteering as a poll challenger reviewing absentee ballots in Detroit on election night.

“Congratulations to Matt DePerno and Kristina Karamo on their tremendous victories on Saturday evening in Michigan. This is just the beginning. They easily beat their RINO challengers because Matt and Kristina are unafraid to speak honestly about the Rigged and Stolen 2020 Presidential Election. Now onto November, where they will fight, and win, against Michigan’s Radical Left Democrats. Great job!” Trump stated.

Trump’s full congratulations can be seen here:

Independent journalist Patty McMurray of 100 Percent Fed Up was a voting delegate at Saturday’s Michigan GOP convention and witnessed the massive Trump movement victory first hand. She spoke on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast to describe the significance of the win. A clip of her appearance can be accessed here.

Big League Politics has reported on the tremendous vindication of patriots like Deperno and Karamo who were among the first to blow the whistle to expose election fraud after the 2020 vote steal took place:

Genesee County Clerk-Register John Gleason, who was overseeing the city of Flint during the 2020 presidential election, is being charged with bribing or intimidating a witness as well as neglecting his duties.

Gleason has been charged with felony witness intimidation, which can be punished by up to four years behind bars and a $5,000 fine. His misdemeanor willful neglect of duty charge could be punished with up to one year behind bars and a $1,000 fine.

Tuscola County Prosecutor Mark Reene and Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson announced the charges during a Friday afternoon press conference. Swanson gave little in terms of details but said it involved two females who “encountered behavior” on the job that led to the charges.

Before Gleason became the county clerk, he served as a Democrat in the Michigan state senate from 2009 through 2012 and in the state house of representatives from 2003 through 2006. He was one of the first people out in the media to deny widespread voter fraud after the 2020 presidential election.

Big League Politics reported on how Gleason promoted a township clerk who has since been charged with forging ballots to steal an election…

The swamp runs deep in Democrat-run states, cities and counties throughout the country. They looked the other way during the election fraud of 2020, and the corrupt actors who betrayed their nation are only now starting to be revealed in the public eye.”

The GOP establishment is now trying to sabotage and undermine Karamo and Deperno, even if it means helping Democrats retain power. They will not make it easy for America First patriots to succeed in Michigan.

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