President Trump Considering Giving Convention Speech at Either Gettysburg or Mount Rushmore

President Donald Trump is considering giving his acceptance speech for the Republican Presidential nomination from a historic American landmark, either the Gettysburg battlefield or Mount Rushmore.

Republican Party and Trump campaign officials are considering a grand convention speech from one of the locations, which could potentially avoid the logistical complications of a convention speech in either Jacksonvile, Florida, or Charlotte, North Carolina. The Trump campaign and the RNC have been forced to consistently downsize plans for an in-person convention due to the coronavirus pandemic, and currently the Republican Convention is set for a mostly digital format.

The RNC iced the already limited plans for an in-person convention in Jacksonville, with state officials purportedly worried about the risks of coronavirus transmission as Florida contains a second wave of the disease.

President Trump himself is said to be partial to the legacy of President Abraham Lincoln, and leading campaign officials have suggested he’d be amenable to the idea of accepting the nomination at the Civil War battleground known for Lincoln’s most famous speech.

The Liberty Bell is also being considered as a possible location for the President to speak in acceptance of the Republican nomination. He gave one of the most significant speeches of his presidency only weeks ago at Mount Rushmore, forcefully rejecting cultural leftist attempts to attack and denigrate American heritage and history.

Of course, liberals and the mainstream media would go apoplectic at the notion of the President making a political speech at a national monument, trying to pretend that the duly elected president is a mere meaningless commentators as opposed to a genuine national figure, whether they like it or not.

The idea of a scenic convention speech remains under active consideration as Republican officials work to piece together the altered plans for the convention, which is slated to begin on August 24th.

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