President Trump Demands Republicans Pursue a ‘Populist, Nationalist Economic Agenda’

President Donald Trump made clear what the agenda must be for the Republican Party to win at a recent Heritage Foundation event.

Trump said in a speech that the Republicans must embrace a “populist, nationalist economic agenda” moving forward, rejecting the influence of corporations and politicians who have been bought off by globalists and fallen to toxic woke-ism. He also made comments acknowledging the reality of voter fraud.

“We grew the conservative movement into a working people’s movement, and we transformed the Republican Party into the working people’s party, and we are never ever going back,” Trump said.

“We increased our size massively. We are winning areas now that we never thought possible. I think we are going to have a tremendous ’22. We had a tremendous ’20, but bad things happened, very very bad things happened, and we are going to have a great, great ’24, but we have to watch the vote counters,” the president continued.

“Our movement must continue to pursue a populist, national economic agenda that puts working families before globalist politicians and woke multinational corporations,” Trump added.

Trump’s comments can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on how the enemies of America hate nationalism and want to stop its rise in order to undermine the country’s strength:

Former President Obama lashed out at the vision of American nationalism articulated by his successor, President Donald Trump, while speaking Tuesday at Rice University in Houston, Texas.

Obama expressed his distaste for nationalism– expressing his view that contemporary nationalist movements were based not upon “pride in country, but hatred for somebody on the other side of the border.” Obama tried to make an excuse for the inability of establishment liberal politics to respond to nationalist sentiment- alleging that the establishment had failed to “adapt quickly enough to the fact that there were people being left behind [by globalization].”

According to the former President, tens of millions of Americans are consumed with “hatred” towards Mexicans and Central Americans. Yet, the fact is that the United States has accepted more migrants from Latin America and across the world within recent history than any previous time in American history. It will never be enough for the former President, and Americans who express a desire for the most reasonable immigration restrictions will be defined by their “hatred.”

Obama would go on to bemoan the rise of alternative media, expressing a sense of nostalgia for a media environment akin to the 1980’s in which “your news cycle was still governed by the stories that were going to be filed by AP, the Washington Post, maybe the New York Times, and the three broadcast stations.”

How inconvenient for the former President that the legacy dinosaur mainstream media no longer possesses an exclusive chokehold on informing the people.

Trump’s vision for the GOP is the only way forward. Anything else is tantamount to civilizational suicide at this point.

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