President Trump Endorses Katie Arrington Against Disgraced RINO Traitor Nancy Mace

President Trump has endorsed Katie Arrington in her primary race against disgraced RINO traitor Nancy Mace, the South Carolina Congresswoman who sold Trump out and turned her back on America First after Jan. 6.

Trump made the announcement on Wednesday through a message sent out through his Save America PAC.

“Katie Arrington is running against an absolutely terrible candidate, Congresswoman Nancy Mace, whose remarks and attitude have been devastating for her community, and not at all representative of the Republican Party to which she has been very disloyal. Katie Arrington, on the other hand, is liked and respected and a true Republican,” Trump said. 

“Her automobile accident a number of years ago was devastating, and made it very difficult for her to campaign after having won the primary against another terrible candidate, “Mr. Argentina.” Katie is strong on the Military, our great Vets, Law Enforcement, the Border, and will fight very hard for our under-siege Second Amendment and Lower Taxes. Katie is a wonderful woman and has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” he added.

Arrington is coming out swinging against Mace, the first-term Congresswoman who has frequently alienated the conservative base with her tone-deaf arrogance since being elected.

“Let’s be honest. Nancy Mace is a sellout. She sold out the Lowcountry. She sold out President Trump. She is more interested in becoming a mainstream media celebrity than fighting for the people she’s supposed to represent,” Arrington said.

In a revolting instance of groveling, Mace traveled to Trump Tower on Thursday in an attempt to dupe America First denizens into believing she is their candidate.

“I remember in 2015 when President Trump announced his run, I was one of his earliest supporters. I actually worked for the campaign in 2016. I worked at seven different states across the country to help get him elected,” Mace said in front of Trump Tower in New York City, adding that she “supported him again in 2020 because of policies I believed in.”

“If you want to lose this seat once again in the midterm election cycle to Democrats, then my opponent is more than qualified to do just that,” she added.

Arrington hit Mace back after she pulled the desperate stunt:

Unfortunately for Mace, Trump voters have long memories when it comes to betrayal. She showed herself to be a RINO under the pressure and now there is no going back. She will be in the fight of her life against Arrington in this year’s midterm primary.

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