President Trump Is Beating Neocons on Iran In A Few Different Ways

President Donald Trump said that he stopped the Iran strike with ten minutes to go — allowing him to look tough on Iran and stay afloat with his neocon advisers while still blocking the United States from plunging itself into another Iraq-style disastrous nation-building experiment for the profit of defense contractors and to the delight of terrorist groups including ISIS, which was created by the Bush and Obama administration’s failed Middle East interventions.

Now, Nancy Pelosi has provided the President another out, if he chooses to exploit her strategic mistake.

The Hill reports: Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Friday emphasized that U.S. military action against Iran “must not be initiated” without congressional approval, after President Trump approved and then reversed a decision to strike Iran over the downing of a U.S. drone this week.

Pelosi told reporters that she was not notified by officials of the president’s decision on Thursday to approve the military strike when she and other congressional leaders went to the White House for a briefing that day.

“We left with the idea that the president was going to consider some options,” Pelosi told reporters on Friday. “I did not receive any heads-up that there was a strike that was in the works.”

“Maybe the other leaders did on the Republican side, but I did not receive any of that,” she added.”

Hill passage ends

Wonder what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar would say about a war resolution in Congress.

Obviously, President Trump should not introduce a war resolution, but any notion of it should be smacked down now by the progressive members of Pelosi’s caucus.

Neocons are losing.


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