President Trump Posts #DARKMAGA Meme on Truth Social: ‘Your Enemy is Not in Russia’

President Donald Trump recently posted a Dark MAGA meme on his truth social platform that imposed the text “your enemy is not in Russia” over the faces of faux-President Joe Biden, fake Vice President Kamala Harris, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The based meme that was shared by President Trump can be seen here:

Predictably, Trump is being called a “fascist” for posting this on his social media account, and it is being used to demonize his Truth Social platform for being an area that allows freedom of speech for dangerous individuals who have been unpersoned by the regime.

“Trump’s most ardent supporters will follow him wherever he goes,” said Caroline Orr Bueno, a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Maryland.

“So although his messages may be reaching a smaller audience, those who are still following him are likely a more hardcore group of supporters who may be more easily incited to violence,” she added.

“It appears to attract people with extremist views and then provides a safe haven where they can feed off each other without worrying about being reported or banned,” Orr Bueno stated. “It’s an environment that can be easily exploited by those seeking to incite violence or radicalize people.”

Big League Politics has reported on the rise of Dark MAGA as the country is destroyed by Democrats and Trump supporters realize that it is time for true patriotism to rise:

President Donald Trump recently told a group of donors that the MAGA agenda is coming back with a “vengeance” in 2024 and beyond.

New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman reported the news in a Twitter post:

Trump made the comments during a closed-door meeting with the National Republican Congressional Committee on Monday. The comments line up with previous remarks Trump has made about the importance of getting back at his enemies.

“If somebody hits you, you’ve got to hit ’em back five times harder than they ever thought possible. You’ve got to get even. Get even,” Trump said in 2012.

Those who have stabbed Trump in the back, such as former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham, are worried about the notion of Trump getting back into the White House with a list of proven traitors that he can work from.

“He’s clearly the frontrunner in the Republican Party,” she said during an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” 

“Everybody’s showing their fealty to him. He’s on his revenge tour, for people who dared to vote for impeachment. And I want to just warn people that once he takes office if he were to win, he doesn’t have to worry about reelection any more. He will be about revenge, he will probably have some pretty draconian policies,” Grisham added.”

President Trump is an existential threat to the globalist regime. He will run and win in 2024 (if the massive election fraud push can be stopped) and then heads will roll like never before.

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