President Trump Rejects Paying For Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Private Security

President Trump made it clear on a Sunday tweet that British royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would have to pay for their own security costs upon moving full-time to the United States, clarifying that they wouldn’t receive federal security under an existing arrangement that covers British royals temporarily visiting the US.

The royal celebrities have distanced themselves from the Queen, apparently viewing themselves as victims of relentless paparazzi and media attention.

Harry and Markle initially moved to Canada after resigning from the royal family, but they’ve recently moved to Hollywood just before the Canadian border was closed to nonessential travel due to the Chinese coronavirus epidemic. The elitist couple apparently plans on reinventing themselves as American-style celebrities, and have hired a small army of media consultants and public relations agents to market their image.

When information of their move to Los Angeles became public knowledge, many began to speculate if they’d recieve taxpayer-funded security in a manner akin to British royals visiting the United States on official state vists. President Trump’s Sunday tweet appears to eliminate that possibility.

The thirteen colonies that became the United States rebelled against the yoke of the British monarchy for a reason. President Trump’s decision to cut off the wannabee celebrities from publicly-funded security is a deeply American decision. The UK’s monarchy is one of the wealthiest legacy institutions in the western world, and it would be absurd to imagine that it can’t afford to hire private security for the ‘former’ royals, who are set to fully renounce their royal obligations at the end of the month.

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