President Trump: “This evil Anti Semitic Attack is An Assault on All of Us.”

In a hideous attack on religious freedom, The Tree Of Life Synagouge in Pittsburgh,PA was attacked as services were getting under way Sabbath Morning.

11 people were murdered at prayer in a brutal Anti-Semitic massacre. 6 people were injured among them 4 courageous law enforcement officers. Law enforcement faced the line of Fire with courage.

The evil attack occurred at a baby naming in a friendly Jewish neighborhood in Pittsburgh. It’s home to many synagogues and two Jewish schools.

The attacker is a known Jew Hater and has bragged to have not voted for the President. He has also absurdly referred to the President as a globalist.

At a rally in Illinois the President strongly denounced the attack. He condemned this act of terror in the strongest possible terms.

In a strong and courageous moment the President declared “This evil Anti Semitic attack is an assault on all of us. It’s an assault on humanity It will require all of us working together to extract the hateful poison of anti Semitism from the world.” The President plans to visit the site of the attack.

The horrific attack is a threat to religious liberty. The president has called for armed security at “soft targets” like churches, synagogues and schools.

The President has shown terrific leadership in the wake of this horrific tragedy. He has shown that he is the most pro law enforcement president in modern history.

This president is the biggest friend of the Jewish people in modern history. This attack like those before will not intemidate America. We are strong and we have a president who fights for all Americans and the American people.

This is another example of the President standing for all Americans because after all as the president would say we all bleed “red,white and blue”.

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