Principled Libertarian Justin Amash Votes in Support of Illegal Immigrant’s Right To Vote

Amash Wants Illegal Immigrants Vote

Michigan House Representative Justin Amash was the sole Republican to vote against legislation saying that allowing illegal immigrants to vote takes power away from American citizens.

Today the U.S. House defeated a move that would have expressed “the sense of Congress that allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of United States citizens.”

The legislation was defeated nearly along party lines, with six Democrats voting in favor, and Rep. Justin Amash voting against it.

Amash, who considers himself a principled libertarian, has yet to explain why he voted against legislation that would have reinforced existing constitutional law.

Readers may also remember Amash as one of the sole Republicans willing to vote with Democrats against President Donald J. Trump’s national emergency declaration at the southern border, doing so under the guise of refusing to allow President Trump to seek powers that are not enshrined in the constitution.

Formerly a GOP favorite, Amash was castigated last week after giving a series of softball questions to disgraced former lawyer Michael Cohen, much to the delight of globalist financier George Soros.

Big League Politics reported:

To close, Amash asked a bizarre and frankly effeminate question of Cohen that struck the deceptive sleazeball off guard, “What is the truth that you know President Trump fears most?”

Taken aback, Cohen responded: “That’s a tough question, sir. I don’t have an answer for that one.” The dirty rat was happy after receiving Amash’s softballs while other Republicans questioned him with strength and resolve.

“Thank you for your questions,” Cohen said. “Some of the other ones really make it difficult to try to show some redemption, but I am, I am trying.”

While Amash may be diverging with nearly the entire GOP caucus and an incredibly popular Republican President, he is getting positive attention from the George Soros network. The Soros-funded propaganda entity Talking Points Matter wrote a piece praising Amash for his assistance to Democrats in their rehabilitation efforts of Cohen to hurt the President.


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