Private Sector Tyranny Looms As Disney Employees Fear The Worst

One phenomenon catching steam recently has been the initiation of medical tyranny by large private companies in addition to government mandates, something which has taken many conservatives a lot of time to wrap their heads around. One of the most recent and high-profile examples of this burgeoning private sector medical tyranny comes from what is supposedly “The Most Magical Place on Earth”, Disney.

According to The Epoch Times, some loyal employees of Disney have chosen to not sit idly by as the mandate takes force. Florida resident and Disney World restaurant server Nick Caturano is determined to keep his job at Orlando attraction without giving up his medical autonomy. This was not his initial intention, however. Caturano admitted this much to The Epoch Times, saying “I was originally going to walk away from it and move on,” before changing his mind, adding that “[Now], I just feel a sense of responsibility to stand up and fight.”.

Caturano continued to affirm his determination, saying that “This is about everybody. It’s about the whole country right now,” he said, and if people don’t stand up now, he said, “they won’t have another chance, and I think they’re going to regret it.”. Unsurprisingly, Disney has declined to even respond to comment requests.

Ironically, Caturano is a member of a union that is supposed to protect the interests of its members. Unfortunately for Caturano, this was not the case here. “We knew the union wasn’t going to fight it,” Caturano said. “They were going to hammer out the medical and religious exemptions. The union feels they have the right to do what they want.”. The Memorandum of Understanding between Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S. and the Services Trades Council Union that was finalized on August 23rd does supposedly allow for medical exemptions as well as “sincerely held religious belief, practice or observance,”. How long these exemptions will remain unadulterated remains to be seen.

Caturano is a strong believer in freedom of choice and does not believe private companies have a legal right to force their employees to take shots they do not consent to, especially if there are medical alternatives available. Indeed, he and his wife were infected by covid in early August but made a thorough recovery after taking Ivermectin. In addition to his skepticism over the effectiveness of the vaccines offered, Caturano’s opposition to taking the vaccine also stems from his deep religiosity, a stance who sanctity has been enshrined in the First Amendment.

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