PRIVILEGE: Woman Who Admitted Drowning Her Toddlers Will Not Face Trial

A British woman who admitted to drowning her two toddlers because her marriage was falling apart will not face trial after accepting a plea deal.

Samantha Ford, 38, was allow to plea down to the charge of manslaughter by diminished responsibility due to her psychological report. She will not face trial despite the fact that she has admitted to drowning her 23-month-old twins, Jake and Chloe, last December.

“We have considered all the reports and all the facts to do with this case very carefully. It is a case of great sensitivity in all respects,” prosecutor Edward Brown QC said.

“We have taken instructions from those instructing me and the father of the deceased children, who has of course been consulted in respect of this case, and the result of those consultations, advice and instructions given to me are that those pleas are acceptable and the Crown does not ask for a trial in respect of the two counts of murder,” he added.

The Judge will consider a disposal of the case entirely under the mental health act during an upcoming sentencing hearing on July 26. It is conceivable that Ford could be back on the streets after committing these heinous acts.

Steven Ford, the father of the slain twins, released heart-breaking tweets after his children were taken from him. Following the killings, Mr. Ford tweeted: “Daddy’s twins xxx my beautiful babies. I love you.”

“I want the world to see my beautiful babies. Jake and Chloe forever xxx,” he wrote in a later tweet.

As feminism seeps into the criminal justice system in the UK and elsewhere, expect cases like this to become a trend. With it already being widely acceptable to murder babies in the womb, infanticide is the next logical step to ensure total freedom from responsibility for womynkind.

The matriarchy is running amok, and the safety of security of innocent children is at risk due to the empowerment of the modern female.

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