Pro-Abortion Activists Send ‘Special Message’ To Kavanaugh’s Wife And Kids

Remember when the White House failed to discourage protests outside the homes of SCOTUS Justices’ who are in favor of overturning Roe V. Wade? And instead, encouraged “peaceful protests” because they aligned with a noble cause?

These are the consequences of those actions.

On Wednesday, pro-abortion activist group Ruth Sent Us sent a “special message” to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters. The same day an armed Californian man (who said his own life would be given “purpose” if he killed Kavanaugh) was arrested outside the home of the SCOTUS justice for planning an assassination.

The activist group shared several tweets about the potential assassination attempt, stating, “We offer our thoughts & prayers to Brett & Ashley Kavanaugh after a California man arrived by taxi near their home, armed with a gun & knife, then called the police on himself to confess his murderous rage against the abusive alcoholic ‘Justice.’ We didn’t send him.”

“A special message for Ashley Kavanaugh and your daughter,” another tweet read. “This billboard was on your school grounds. We feel for you. @LeaderMcConnell and the GOP aren’t worried for your safety. They worry only for the expensive Supreme Court they rigged, and their own power.”

The tweet included a photo of a poster advertising a crisis pregnancy center. Several flyers were taped over the poster, including a quote often attributed to Betty White: “If men could get pregnant, abortions would be available at Jiffy Lube.”

Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist has called this escalation in protests outside the homes of SCOTUS Justices for what it is; “Horrific.”

“Pro-abortion group that posts directions to Kavanaugh’s home — man arrested today said he used online map to find it — also targeting his young daughters’ school. This escalation and threat against the children must be stopped. Horrific,” she said.

In a different tweet, Ruth Sent Us – who claims they have been wrongfully accused of doxxing SCOTUS justices’ home addresses by Fox News – addressed Twitter that this private information is simply public knowledge at this point.

“STOP blaming us for disclosing Kavanaugh’s address!” the pro-abortion group said. “Search Twitter: Justice’s name + “address”. They’re all out there, including second homes and summer villas. #OverturnRoe? #NoPeace”

“We did not doxx the Justices. Stop watching @FoxNews!” the group added.

This upward trend in violence and rhetoric is not being suppressed by the Biden administration or the institutional powers that be. Which is causing escalation at dangerous levels.

In another example, on Tuesday at approximately 3 AM, a pro-life woman’s medical office, CompassCare clinic, was firebombed by a pro-choice terrorist group. This resulted in injuries to two firefighters.

Imagine the backlash from the corporate press if any of this was directed at Justice Sotomayor.

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