Pro-Abortion, Pro-LGBT Organizations Happily Take Credit For Getting LifeSiteNews Permanently Banned from Facebook

A joint statement released by four prominent pro-abortion and pro-LGBT organizations revealed that they pressured Facebook to permaban the Christian and conservative LifeSiteNews for purely political reasons.

Media Matters for America, GLAAD, Human Rights Campaign, and NARAL Pro-Choice America issued a press release Friday, taking full credit for putting pressure on Facebook and, of course, adding that the social media giant has much more work to do.

“Facebook’s decision to ban LifeSiteNews from its platform was a step in the right direction in its efforts to thwart the spread of misinformation—however, this should have happened years ago,” the joint statement read. “Despite Facebook’s community standards and hate speech that supposedly protect LGBTQ people and others against the flagrant spread of misinformation, LifeSiteNews has relied on Facebook to push its noxious anti-LGBTQ and anti-choice extremism to an audience of millions.”

“It took pressure to get Facebook to remove LifeSiteNews’ page, including calling attention to the flagrant COVID-19 and vaccine disinformation on LifeSiteNews’ page, compiling more than 100 posts that proved LifeSiteNews’ repeated violation of Facebook’s related policies, and outreach from GLAAD, Human Rights Campaign, and Media Matters to get Facebook to finally act.

“Simply put, years of hate speech and disinformation weren’t enough to push Facebook to make a decision that was long overdue.”

LifeSiteNews’ Doug Mainwaring reacted to the joint statement by calling the four organizations “a new axis of evil seeking to eliminate all voices who oppose their inhuman ideologies.” Site president and co-founder Steve Jalsevac also said that “Big Abortion and Big Tech clearly colluded to censor us, using the well-researched information we report about coronavirus vaccines as a pretext.”

“What does this all really mean? That LifeSiteNews reports were having a very uncomfortable impact on all their propaganda with our factual, well-researched articles, with numerous quotes from real experts. The only strategy they have left is to typically spout meaningless, ad hominem charges and try to shut us down because they don’t have convincing counter arguments,” Jalsevac added.

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