Pro-Abortion Zealots Firebomb Pro-Life Headquarters in Wisconsin

A pro-life headquarters in Madison, Wisc. was firebombed by pro-abortion extremists, who targeted the organization with Molotov cocktails.

The far-left terrorists left an ominous message with their display of revolutionary violence: “If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either.”

Madison police spokeswoman Stephanie Fryer said that a law enforcement investigation is ongoing.

“Due to the suspicious nature of this fire, our arson investigators responded,” Fryer said. “They are actively working this case at this time.”

“What you’re going to see here is a direct threat against us,” said Julaine Appling, an attorney with Wisconsin Family Action (WFA). “Imagine if somebody had been in the office when this happened. They would have been hurt.”

WFA is refusing to back down against their violent enemies who will stop at nothing to protect legalized baby murder in America.

“This needs to stop and it needs to stop here,” Appling told 27 News Sunday. “If you ever have somebody break in your house, you feel violated, right. But I was sad. I was sad that it’s come to this in this country.”

“Apparently, the tolerance that the left demands is truly a one-way street. Violence has become their answer to everything,” Appling said in a statement. “This is what happens when leadership is missing or when leadership implies that violence is ok.”

Big League Politics has reported on the dangerous rhetoric and tactics by pro-abortion zealots in lieu of the expected reversal of Roe v. Wade:

A left-wing extremist group, Ruth Sent Us, is targeting Catholic churches and the homes of Supreme Court (SCOTUS) justices in order to stage coordinated pro-abortion protests on Saturday.

The organization, named after the late abortion zealot Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is hoping to use terror in order to preserve Roe v. Wade and ensure that babies across the country can be sacrificed to Moloch.
“ANNOUNCING: Walk-by Wednesday, May 11, 2022! At the homes of the six extremist justices, three in Virginia and three in Maryland. If you’d like to join or lead a peaceful protest, let us know,” the official Ruth Sent Us website states.
“Our 6-3 extremist Supreme Court routinely issues rulings that hurt women, racial minorities, LGBTQ+ and immigrant rights. We must rise up to force accountability using a diversity of tactics,” the group claims.
They are targeting Justices Barrett, Kavanaugh, Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, and Roberts, hoping to intimidate them and their families at their homes in order to scare them into voting their way. This is a continued politicization of the court’s activity by a leftist movement that is actively waging war against the rule of law.
Additionally, Ruth Sent Us is calling for far-left activists to storm Catholic churches and make disruptive scenes inside of them in order to advocate for the murder of babies inside the womb. CatholicVote, a prominent Catholic advocacy group, is demanding that the Biden regime speak out against this destructive agenda.
“In the wake of the shameless leak of a draft opinion of the Supreme Court, pro-abortion groups are now threatening to disrupt Catholic churches and to protest outside the homes of Supreme Court justices this Sunday,” CatholicVote stated.

“President Biden must immediately and forcibly condemn these domestic terrorist threats. Anti-Catholic zealots are plotting to intimidate and harass Catholics across the country, along with justices and their families. This country was built on freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The President of the United States must stand up for both,” they added.”

The defenders of baby murder have a religious devotion to abortion. They will stop at nothing to enable the slaughtering of the innocent.

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