Pro-Cindy Hyde-Smith PAC Threatens McDaniel Supporters, Says Mitch McConnell Will Go After ‘Personal Stuff’

Rogelio V. Solis/AP

Merle Flowers, leader of the Mississippi Victory Fund, warned a prominent Chris McDaniel supporter’s girlfriend that “Mitch McConnell will leave no stone unturned, including Personal Stuff.” Flowers made the threat in a text message to the girlfriend of Kendall Prewett, a Trump campaign alum who supports Chris McDaniel.

Here is the text threat:

Kendall Prewett, Donald Trump regional coordinator and 2016 campaign committee member, is a strong supporter of Chris McDaniel.

“Merle Flowers used Mitch McConnell to threaten me because I don’t support McConnell’s hand-selected candidate. The D.C. Establishment will do anything to keep Chris McDaniel out of office,” Kendall Prewett told Big League Politics.

“I backed President Donald Trump to rid Mississippi and D.C. of people like Merle Flowers, Mitch McConnell, and Cindy Hyde-Smith. Mississipians are sick and tired of being pushed around by the elites,” Prewett said.

Flowers’ super PAC is supporting interim senator Cindy Hyde-Smith in the Mississippi Senate race, despite growing support for insurgent conservative state senator Chris McDaniel. Either McDaniel or Hyde-Smith will likely end up in a runoff with Democrat Mike Espy since no candidate is expected to receive 50 percent of the vote on November 6. If McDaniel edges Hyde-Smith to get into the top two, he will face Espy head-on on November 27.

Hyde-Smith is coming under harsh criticism from Mississippi voters for her record as a longtime Democrat and former Hillary Clinton voter. (READ: Cindy Hyde-Smith’s State Director Linked To Hillary Clinton).

Prewett speaks for many Mississippi conservatives who do not want to send Cindy Hyde-Smith to Washington at the ballot box.

Prewett explained that “his opponent Cindy Hyde-Smith pushed for a gun ban on state property.”

McDaniel released the video endorsement on the day President Trump visited Mississippi for his epic rally in Southaven. The president heard repeated chants of “We want McDaniel” in his crowd.

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