Pro-coal Australian Senator Jokingly Questions Taliban’s Climate Policy, Butt-Hurt Ensues

President Joe Biden speaks at the Pentagon, February 10, 2021, in Washington, DC.. (Photo by Alex Brandon / POOL / AFP)

In what seems to be an attempt to provide levity in an anxiety-soaked world, Senator Matt Canavan of the Queensland Nationals Party sparked even more butt-hurt on the internet by jokingly posing the question of whether the Taliban would consider committing to a robust climate policy that would eventually see Afghanistan’s net carbon emissions reductions to zero, preferably sometime mid-century.

Someone had to ask.

The internet had already been on a negative mood cycle that the Taliban were able to basically negotiate their way to power all across Afghanistan as if the last two decades and over $2 trillion spent (as of April according to Brown University’s Watson Institute and Boston University’s Pardee Center), not to mention the loss of thousands of American sons and daughters, did not happen. Apparently, the anti-war left has once again gone back into the closet as they did for eight years under B. Hussein Obama.

Senator Canavan has put this sour mood into overdrive, with many netizens responding to Canavan’s remarks by quoting Greta Thunberg. Indeed, even the leader of Canavan’s party called his remarks ‘disappointing, insensitive and unnecessary’. Apparently even supposed conservatives are losing their sense of humor as well. Considering the longest military engagement in American history has turned out to be a complete waste of blood and treasure, someone had to make light of the situation to try and keep everyone sane.

Having said that, readers of this publication should not be surprised if or when someone on the demagogic left starts praising Afghanistan’s environmental track record with a straight face. It must be remembered that these are the same ilk of people who rank Cuba amongst the top ten in environmental sustainability indices because economic destitution does not leave much of an environmental footprint. Literally nothing is beyond reproach for our rulers and their useful idiots as long as it brings the world closer to the progressive dystopia where they sit up top and everyone else suffers.