Pro Democrat Super PAC Is Spending MILLIONS Against Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake

Is Kari Lake truly the far-left liberal that many in the bipartisan establishment and mainstream media paint her to be? Well, a wealthy pro-Democrat campaign spending group sure does not seem to think so. The American Focus PAC (AFPAC) — a super PAC with a history of being pro Democrat — has spent $3.6 million against Lake and towards her primary rival Karrin Taylor Robson and has pledged to throw an additional $3.1 million in the new few weeks.

This news comes after the Gateway Pundit reported that Robson had been highlighted and thanked by the Arizona Democrat Party for her generous monetary donations to many of their campaigns.

The letter thanked Robson for her “longtime financial support to help elect Democratic candidates up and down the ballot,” and wrote that “she herself is a big funder of Arizona Democrats, funneling thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates as recently as 2020.”

Robson and other members of her campaign have frequently attacked Lake as not being a genuine conservative, often pointing to a $350 donation for Obama nearly 15 years ago.

Now, a document leaked by the Gateway Pundit revealed that the Democrat-supporting American Focus PAC spent $3.6 million against Lake and for Robson. Email correspondence from Mike Ingram, who is described as one of Robson’s developer friends and the founder and chairman of El Dorado Holdings, has revealed that the group has additionally pledged to send another $3.1 million in the next few weeks.

Investigations by Big League Politics have substantiated claims that American Focus PAC leans to the left. While the group routinely and dishonestly characterizes itself as an “independent expenditure” and pushes fictitious concepts such as that of “nonpartisan” government agents dealing in public policy (which is political by definition), such is not the case. One can observe clear bias upon reading their political analysis of Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who throughout the report is constantly suggested to be biased or innacurate in many of his conclusions. Juxtapose this with a piece about Bernie Sanders, where no similar claims have been made. Meanwhile, former Republican governor Jeb Bush received similar treatment to Paul whereas Hillary Clinton’s section was entirely blank.

The document is seen below:

American Focus

The American Focus PAC (AFPAC) — a superpac — is raising funds to make strategic

expenditures in the final four weeks of the Arizona Republican Primary for Governor. This is the

final phase of a larger ongoing effort that, to date, has spent $3.6 million both in support of

Karrin Taylor Robson’s campaign for governor and in opposition to Kari Lake.

These efforts have helped Robson close a more than 30-point gap with Kari Lake, and her campaign now trails by mid-single digits as we enter the final, crucial stage of the campaign.

In this final phase, AFPAC will deliver impactful anti-Lake messages that have been tested through both polling and focus groups. We believe the following 3-pronged approach will help fill a strategic gap in Robson’s current campaign, and help ensure victory on August 2nd:

Final Phase: $3.1 million over 4 weeks

1. Persuasion: Through broadcast, cable, addressable satellite, OTT/Connected TV streaming services, and digital advertising, AFPAC will target persuadable voters and avoid duplicating spending by the Robson campaign. Under this plan, we will deliver 2 anti-Lake messages to a universe of approximately 300,000 voters: Cost: $2.2 million

2. Expansion of the electorate: Through targeted mail, phones, and SMS/text, AFPAC will target more moderate, Independent voters, in an effort to expand the electorate and encourage this group to participate in the GOP Primary by requesting a ballot. The message is simple: Arizona can’t afford Kari Lake and this is the time to stop her. Cost: $425,000

3. Consolidation of the Anti-Kari Lake vote: Through mail, phones, texting, and digital advertising, AFPAC will target supporters of Rep. Matt Salmon, who continues to garner 10-12 percent of the vote in the primary, in an effort to persuade them to vote for Robson in order to stop Lake. The message is simple: voting for Matt Salmon is throwing away your vote and throwing the election to Lake. Cost: $475,000.

There is no limit on the amount of money you can contribute to American Focus PAC. We gratefully accept contributions in unlimited amounts from individuals, corporations and other business entities, PACs and other nonprofit organizations. Contributions from foreign nationals and federal government contractors are prohibited. Contributions to American Focus PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Lake was contacted by the Gateway Pundit in a request for comment. She reportedly responded with the following:

Lake: Karrin Taylor Robson has a shady history, her campaign is full of lies, and all the insiders are flocking to her. People need to ask, ‘why’?

Taylor Robson has a questionable history as a lobbyist greasing the way for a lot of insider land deals. Taylor-Robson’s campaign has raised money unethically, just flat lying to people about who they were donating to. Her attacks on me are bogus. She’s not an ethical person. The only reason I can think of that these people are siding with her is they plan to get something out of it – access to the State Land Trust, state contracts, key positions for their friends, whatever they want.

And, obviously, if you’re someone more interested in lining your pockets than doing what’s right for Arizonans, you’re backing Karrin.

I don’t play those games.

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