Pro-Gun Candidates Had Solid Performances During the 2022 Midterms 

No matter what the corporate media say, the Second Amendment is alive and well.

According to Alex Madajian, a Federal Affairs Assistant at Gun Owners of America, “Every single governor who signed a Constitutional Carry law, which would allow people to carry a firearm without a permit, won re-election.”

He added:

Brian Kemp won Georgia, Chris Sununu won New Hampshire, Kim Reynolds won Iowa, Kevin Stitt won Oklahoma, Greg Abbott won Texas, and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine also won reelection. All of the aforementioned either signed Constitutional Carry Laws in their current term or a previous term. Additionally, although Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida did not sign Constitutional Carry, he called for such legislation to be sent to him for his signature.

Despite the horrific massacre at Uvalde in May of this year, voters of Uvalde County pulled the lever for Governor Greg Abbott to the tune of roughly 60% to 38%. Abbott soundly defeated failed US Senate and presidential candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke  by a margin of 55% to 44% on November 8, 2022.

Other pro-Second Amendment champions such as Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie won by resounding margins, 66% to 34% and 65% to 31% respectively.

Overall, the Second Amendment is still standing strong when it comes to elected officials who defend this concept. Republicans were not able to dominate the 2022 midterms, but the fact that some of the loudest pro-Second Amendment defenders were able to still win decisively shows the right to bear arms is a winning concept.

No matter how one slices it, Gun Control Inc. will have its hands full trying to destroy the Second Amendment.

There are simply too many red-blooded Americans who will push back against any radical gun-grabbing scheme. For that reason, the Second Amendment will not be going away anytime soon.


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