Pro-Gun Organization Gets Temporarily Suspended from Twitter

One of the most pro-gun research institutions has had to deal with social media censorship lately.

The Crime Prevention Research Center was originally blocked and had all of its 4,700 Twitter followers deleted, supposedly “for abusive behavior earlier last week. However, no explanation was offered at first. Twitter eventually lifted the block on CPRC’s account.

CPRC was founded by gun researcher Dr. John Lott and has served as a forum to educate policymakers, pundits, and academics about the merits of increased gun ownership. Lott’s research during the last few decades has helped galvanize pro-gun reforms in the 1990s up until the present.

This episode of censorship was not exactly new. BLP reported on Lott’s previous encounter with social media censors when they decided to lock him out of his Twitter account for allegedly violating Twitter’s terms of service when he started discussing some uncomfortable truths about the recent New Zealand shootings.

As mass shootings become increasingly politicized and corporate institutions start to embrace “woke” politics, pro-gun outlets will likely face increasing censorship and even potential deplatforming from Big Tech and other corporate interests.

The environment is rapidly changing and pro-gun activists will have to adapt in order for their organizations to survive.


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