Pro-Life Tennessee Governor Vows to Back Heartbeat Bill

Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee has stated he will support any bill that protects life inside the womb.

Life Site News reported, “GOP state Rep. James Van Huss introduced a bill in the General Assembly that would require abortionists to test for and document fetal heartbeats before abortion, and if one is found they would be barred from committing the abortion except in medical emergencies. Preborn babies’ hearts finish forming around seven or eight weeks into pregnancy.”

The proposed “heartbeat bill” follows suit after multiple other states including Iowa, South Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Kentucky, and Missouri filed for the same piece of legislation. The bill would make abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, an illegal procedure to perform.

“I would support any bill that reduces the number of abortions in the state,” Gov. Lee stated as reported by The Associated Press.The Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery stated back in 2017 that he would consider a heartbeat bill “constitutional suspect,” to which Gov. Lee states, “courts will have to decide for themselves” the legality of the bill. The bill is likely to pass, as the state House Speaker Glen Casada and Senate Speaker Randy McNally reported that they would support the life-saving bill as well.

House Speaker Casada, a strong supporter of the bill stated, “I think it’s a fight worth having in front of the Supreme Court. I really do.”

The standing abortion law in Tennessee already prohibit abortions beyond 20 weeks – making it one of the more pro-life states. The previous Governor Bill Haslam signed life-protecting bills that prohibited abortion factories from receiving healthcare subsidies and indicated that “the state’s constitution declares it contains no “right” to abortion,” as Life Site News reports.

In the wake of the most radical abortion bills being proposed, this proposed life-valuing bill is just the encouragement that we need.

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