Pro-Lockdown British News Anchor Suspended for Flouting COVID Restrictions, Some Colleagues Allegedly Upset That She Will Receive Full Pay

Sky News television anchor Kay Burley has received a six-month suspension (with pay) after being caught breaking the COVID lockdown rules she herself had been covering for the network.

According to the BBC, Burley and nine others—which included two other Sky News employees who have also been suspended for three months—met in London for Burley’s 60th birthday. They ate at two restaurants, including one after the 11pm curfew, and moved to a private residence where people from at least three separate households were gathered.

On Thursday Burley tweeted a statement saying: “I have today agreed with Sky News to step back from my broadcasting role for a period of reflection. It’s clear to me that we are all in the fight against covid 19 and that we all have a duty to stick firmly by the rules. It doesn’t matter that I thought I was covid-compliant on a recent social event. The fact is I was wrong. I made a big mistake, and I am sorry.”

The statement continues: “Some dear friends and colleagues—some of the most talented and committed professionals in our business—have been pulled into this episode and I regret this enormously. I was one of the founding presenters on Sky News. No one is prouder of our channel’s reputation, the professionals on our team, and the impact we make. I very much look forward to being able to continue my 32 year career with Sky when I return.”

The Daily Mail has also reported rumors about some of Burley’s colleagues being upset over her reception of full pay. One source called it a “mild rebuke,” whereas Sky News executives feel six months off air constitutes ample punishment.

Burley left England Friday for a pre-booked African safari trip.

According to Breitbart, London’s restrictions as of now include banning socialization outside of one’s household and limiting any outdoor socialization to six people.

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