Pro-Mass Migration Founders Demands that German Populist Party Be Banned and Its Leaders Thrown in Jail

Axel Steier, the founder of the non-profit organization Mission Lifeline, believes that the Alternative for Germany (AfD) should be banned and its leadership sent to prison. Such a call would effectively criminalize right-wing populism in Germany. 

Steier made these remarks in a social media post on August 10, 2023. He believes such tyrannical measures should be taken to preserve humanity. 

“In the country of the perpetrators, it should not be taboo to ban the AfD and imprison the leadership, even if this deprives 20-40 percent of German voters of their opinion,” Steier said in his post on X.

“The persecution of Nazis is still a service to all of humanity,” he added.

His comments came a few days after Antifa agitators published the personal addresses of dozens of AfD candidates running for election in the German state of Hesse. The Antifa militants were accused of inciting violence against public figures.

“Together with you, we want to challenge them for the spaces in which they move as a matter of course, feel unmolested, and think they are safe,” the group declared in a statement after a website focused on targeting AfD politicians was rolled out.

Steier’s comments are just the most recent in a series of leftist activists and public officials trying to discredit the populist party which is currently growing in popularity nationwide.

On August 10, 2023, Chancellor Olaf Scholz took advantage of a visit to an AfD stronghold in East Germany to continue attacking the party, issuing a warning to the attendees of the rise of the alleged ‘far-right’.

“I wouldn’t go as far as saying that democracy is being undermined, but there are definitely enemies of democracy,” Scholz stated. “We won’t be able to avoid taking a stand and saying that we’re defending democracy and the freedom we’ve achieved.” 

The NGO founder’s comments were followed up by center-left President Frank-Walter Steinmeier who himself stated that “no responsible voter” should pull the lever for the party which he claimed is advocating the “brutalization of our society and the undermining of free democracy”.

“We must not encourage the business of fear-mongers in this society any further,” he continued.

Despite the German establishment’s desire to ban AfD, the AfD has still been climbing upwards in the polls as evidenced by its 23% support in recent polls — a record level of support. AfD’s rise in the polls owes to its commitment to strong borders and opposition to globalism. 

With Germany experiencing a massive immigration influx, naturally disgruntled segments of the German populace will gravitate towards a party that supports immigration restriction. If Germany is to survive as a historic nation, it must get its immigration house in order. To do that, the AfD and similar populist right-wing parties must take power. 

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