Pro-Migration Career Bureaucrat Being Lined Up As New DHS Secretary

A career government bureaucrat and lobbyist with little credibility among immigration hawks is being groomed to take over as the new Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, according to reporting from populist commentator Ryan Girdusky.

Chad Wolf is currently the Chief of Staff of the Department of Homeland Security. If tapped to fill the position, he would replace interim secretary Kevin McAleenan, another career agency bureaucrat who largely failed to implement President Trump’s pro-American immigration reforms.

While McAleenan is generally distrusted by immigration patriots, even he represented an upgrade over his predecessor, Bush administration alumni Kristjen Nielsen. Nielsen was fired by President Trump for consistently standing in the way of implementing his immigration policy, with the President frequently calling for someone who was “tougher” to fill the position.

The President will in all likelihood be stuck with someone even worse if Wolf is nominated as DHS Secretary. The career bureaucrat is closely linked with Nielsen, and sources within the administration point to him as one of the greatest enablers of weak immigration policy within the agency.

According to Girdusky, some of the few remaining immigration patriots within DHS will resign their positions if the career bureaucrat is put in charge.

Pro-Trump elements at DHS would greatly prefer to see current Director of U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli tapped to fill the role of DHS Secretary. Unfortunately, elements in the administration are claiming nominating Cuccinelli would run afoul of the Federal Vacancies Reform Act.

Wolf has spent his entire career as either a government bureaucrat in the Transportation Security Administration or DHS, and as a lobbyist with a federal lobbying firm. Not exactly a character who’d come to mind if one wanted to ally to help in draining the swamp.

It’s frustrating to many Trump supporters to see the same cast of unreliable and entrenched bureaucrats consistently stonewall President Trump’s signature immigration policy reforms, such as building a ‘big, beautiful wall’ and cracking down on rampant asylum fraud in the court system.

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