Pro-NATO Propagandists Fuel Protests in the United States

SouthFront reported that a failure of “pro-NATO propaganda happened on June 8.” EUvsDisinfo released an article with the title of “A red, white and blue All-American Maidan”.

SouthFront noted the following:

EUvsDisinfo is an outlet of the East StratCom Task Force. The East StratCom Task Force is a part of the European External Action Service – the diplomatic service and combined foreign and defense ministry of the European Union.

The foreign policy watchdog then gave a big picture overview of the situation at hand:

The article released by EUvsDisinfo and shared by Euromaidanpress, Slobodnaevropa (a part of the US state-run Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty) and other affiliated organizations look like designed to fuel protests in the United States. Their real target is US President Donald Trump and his administration. Nonetheless, by the nature of this kind of content, these organizations in fact promote the current civil standoff in the United States. As we can judge this is a kind of crime under the US law, and even under the international law.

SouthFront highlighted some points coming from EUvsDisinfo:

In the world of the pro-Kremlin disinformation network, protests are never a genuine expression of popular discontent. Protests are always staged, be that in Hong Kong, France, Venezuela – or the US.

The violent protests against police brutality are dominating world news, just as they dominate the flow of disinformation. The pro-Kremlin disinformation ecosystem attempts to exploit the protests in every possible way – expressing sympathy with the protesters, as well as conveying openly racist sentiment.

One of the most influential Russian English-language outlets is SouthFront. EUvsDisinfo has described how the outlet can be tied to Russia, and how SouthFront attempted to hide its Russian connections.

South Front has a clear picture of the protests: it’s a colour revolution, a fake popular uprising, set up by “Globalist Corporations” targeting Donald Trump.

‘The situation is such that typically, it was a standoff of US President Donald Trump and the US national industry, in a standoff against the globalist and the non-mainstream corporations.’

SouthFront defended itself from EUvsDisinfo’s claims by asserting that its “agenda is aimed at stabilizing the situation in the United States.” The watchdog website sustained that they support the “rule of law, and reject the violence and discrimination in any form.”

SouthFront left the following concluding remarks:

It looks that sponsors of organizations like EUvsDisinfo or Euromaidanpress are interested in destabilizing the situation in the United States. SouthFront believes that the FBI and other special services of the United States should pay special attention to these organizations.

This organization might actually have a point. There exist numerous entities and organizations in the U.S. and abroad that have every reason to take down Trump. Especially, in times of complete unrest.

If we want actual accountability and are serious about uncovering corruption within the Deep State, we must be willing to question the narrative behind mainstream events and figure out who’s really calling the shots.

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