Pro-Nicki Minaj Protest Outside CDC Highlights Widespread Vaccine Skepticism

Pop star Nicki Minaj is making a substantial impact in raising concerns about the Coronavirus vaccine, which the Joe Biden regime is mandating for employees of American companies with more than 100 workers. Minaj shared an anecdote from a person she knows who apparently had medical side effects from the vaccine, and the globalist mainstream media establishment has been attacking her while conservatives are rallying around the star.

Pro-Minaj protesters railed against the vaccine outside of the CDC building in Atlanta, Georgia. While globalist authoritarians chastise Minaj for using her platform to express skepticism of the official narrative, Minaj’s fans clearly have her back.

Minaj is on a hot streak, hilariously calling out media pundits who choose to attack her for her principled stance. Minaj has dunked on British media pinhead Piers Morgan and also Jimmy Kimmel, a mediocre comedian who hosts a network talk show out of a converted Masonic temple in Hollywood.

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