Pro-Trump House and Senate Candidates Team Up For Massive America First Rally

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Pro-President Trump “America First” candidates across the country are banding together in the 2018 election to put up a united front against their Republican establishment and Democratic opponents.

Big League Politics has learned that at least four major American nationalist candidates will appear together at a rally on August 26 in Pennsylvania to introduce their team-effort approach. This rally marks the first concerted effort to build a Trump Caucus within the United States Congress — something that is desperately needed as the Republican National Committee shows disinterest or outright hostility toward the Deplorable faction.

The America First Rally, organized by a former Trump campaign staffer, will be held at Green Grove Gardens in Pennsylvania near the Maryland border, and will feature Pennsylvania Senate candidate Bobby Lawrence, Maxine Waters’ California congressional opponent Omar Navarro, Joe Manchin’s West Virginia challenger and coal miner Bo Copley, and Elizabeth Warren’s “Real Indian” opponent V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai from Massachusetts. Kelli Ward — who primaried John McCain last year and is now running against NeverTrump Senator Jeff Flake in Arizona — is also in talks to appear. Other candidates are expected to sign on as we get closer to the rally.

The rally organizer is also meeting with Michigan Senate hopeful Kid Rock in several days.

“This is about the America First agenda laid out by President Trump during his campaign,” Bobby Lawrence told Big League Politics. Lawrence, a commercial glass company owner, announced his campaign to potentially unseat Senator Bob Casey here on the pages of Big League.

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“There’s going to be 2 to 5 thousand people there, and different candidates talking about the pro-Trump message. I think we’ll get a lot of national attention,” Omar Navarro, Maxine Waters’ opponent in the California 43rd, told Big League Politics.

“What distinguishes us and makes us different is, we’re outsiders. We’re people from the outside who want to see change in our country, in our government. Changes are not happening. We need people working with the administration to get the job done. Maxine Waters is constantly touting impeachment. Impeach 45, impeach 45. These things are not related to the 43rd district. You have Toyota, Honda, many other companies that are leaving the 43rd district. So she’s interested in pushing a hoax to try to impeach the president?”

“I’m working very hard every single day,” Navarro said. “I’m raising money, that’s part of the game. I’m doing it without the Republican Party through small donors. I’m endorsed by Larry Elder, I have Roger Stone working on my campaign as a political strategist. We are picking up momentum. I’m going to be at PolitCon with Roger Stone, we’re going to be talking to different people. I know that Maxine Waters is not going to win next year. If I keep fundraising the way I’m fundraising she’s not going to win. People are saying this has the potential to be the next Ossoff race.”

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Elizabeth Warren’s “Real Indian” challenger V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai is running hard against the establishment in Massachusetts, accusing his primary opponent Geoff Diehl — who was handpicked by NeverTrump governor Charlie Baker — of being a fake Trumper and member of the “controlled opposition” who even Photoshopped a picture of himself with President Trump. Shiva announced his candidacy at the “Bull Moose Party” at Washington’s Shelley’s Back Room during CPAC, which was hosted by nationalist writer Mike Cernovich and Deplorable mover-and-shaker Jeff Giesea.

“What we’re witnessing is, Trump’s win was a disruption to the establishment Republicans and Democrats,” Shiva told Big League Politics. “The Deplorables is a rightful term. The elites in Washington, Cambridge and Hollywood think they know better but they have no idea the anger that people feel. It’s an anti-establishment movement.”

“When the first shot in Lexington was fired in 1775, at Bunker Hill they were defeated but that was the beginning of a movement. Trump winning has to be seen in a much larger context. A much larger victory took place. Someone like me doesn’t have to do this, Kid Rock doesn’t need to do this, but the zeitgeist is, we love this country and we need to save it. Every day that Trump is out there is a victory.”

“Every day Donald Trump survives another day, we win. We can’t get caught in their mindset, oh he didn’t pass bills. They’re bullshit bills anyway. That’s not going to change the history of the world. Movements change this world,” Shiva said. “They’re going to block everything. They’re the Deep State. The mark of success is how many people come out of the woodwork and start raising a flag.”

“Think about Elizabeth Warren and Debbie Stabenow, who both voted for the Monsanto Protection Act, which allows Monsanto to pollute the food in this country. It’s building a multi-pronged movement so Trump’s win has many legs to it besides just him fighting against Ryan,” Shiva added.

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West Virginia coal miner Bo Copley, who was laid off as politicians in both parties turned their backs on coal, is determined to defeat Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, who has been flogging the dead horse of the “Russia” conspiracy theory against President Trump.

“President Trump was able last election to open the door for people like us to bring forth a movement. We’re going to surprise a lot of people. We fully expect to win,” Copley told Big League Politics.

“We’ve run into a lot of positive supporters and a lot of people who are appreciative of what we’re trying to do, we offer something different. So far the response has been very uplifting,” Copley said. “We’re a grassroots effort, everybody knows that. We’re talking to people on the ground and making phone calls.”

Copley remembers meeting with Hillary Clinton last year and “standing up to her.”

“Joe Manchin was at that very table, I told him — with no political aspirations in mind at that time — that he was making a big mistake in the state by supporting Hillary Clinton.

“Don’t overlook the little guy. Just because political pundits think they know the way this country should be run and won’t want to give the new people a chance, that doesn’t mean we should be overlooked. That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing,” Copley said.

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Great America Marketing head Teresa Unruh, who designed the backdrop for every Donald Trump rally during the presidential campaign, told Big League that Trump “has always said we need to unify, because he can’t do everything alone. Everybody knows that, and they’re saying ‘Trump Train.’ But really he’s trying to get help in the Senate to be able to do this and the RNC isn’t helping. It’s no longer two parties, it’s just everybody against Trump.”

As Big League reported, the RNC scolded their own pro-Trump Montana House candidate Greg Gianforte (the man behind the widely-praised “Bodyslam” of a liberal Fake News reporter) in the announcement certifying his special election victory. Don Trump Jr.’s stump speeches were credited with putting Gianforte over the top in the nationally-watched race.

“So many good people are trying to come out and there’s no way for them to fight the establishment that has been in power for so long,” Unruh said. “We’re following what we’ve learned about government, and there’s no way that these candidates can fight the money and the establishment without one unified platform. This is not a new party. History shows that we would be taking away from the win if we start a new party. So instead of doing that I just want to give support and be the middle-man to help these people collaborate to do what they want to do for Trump. We want people in there who have their hearts in the right place.”

Unruh, who is meeting with Kid Rock in a few days, said that “I think his run will bring in so many young voters.”

“It’s a long process but it’s coming together now,” Unruh said. “We’re doing a presidential campaign for the Senate.”

Can President Trump build a Deplorable caucus within the House and Senate to push for populist-nationalist policy items — from Wall funding to protectionist trade policies? If he hopes to fully succeed in the White House and build a legacy that will continue after his presidency — rather than watch his agenda get undone by Koch-funded globalist “conservatives” in the factional Republican Party — he will have to focus special attention on this task. But maybe, as Shiva the Real Indian said, passing the bills doesn’t matter so much, because the first shot has already been fired at Lexington and now the mark of success is how hard the movement fights to get people out in the streets.

That next battle will get mapped out on August 26 in Pennsylvania.


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