Pro-Trump Vice Chair in Michigan is Recruiting Activists to Investigate Addresses of Detroit Voters

Michigan Republican Party grassroots vice chair Marian Sheridan is calling on patriots to investigate the homes of voters in Wayne County, which encompasses the city of Detroit, as she refuses to give up on the fight for electoral integrity.

Sheridan believes that the address information for many Wayne County voters is incorrect and may have been used to commit voter fraud on election day. She believes there were “thousands of voters in Wayne County who were not registered at legal addresses.”

“Many of these voters were registered to vacant lots or abandoned buildings,” Sheridan said in an email to Republican Party Delegates.

Sheridan noted that the “the epicenter of this election travesty” occurred in the TCF Center in Detroit on Nov. 3 and subsequent days. After the thousands of ballots were brought in at 3:30 am on election night with no chain of custody, a Gestapo-style regime was enforced to disenfranchise poll challengers and ensure the suspect ballots could not be lawfully scrutinized by observers.

Additionally, Sheridan is calling on more whistleblowers to come forward and issue sworn affidavits about the fraud they witnessed on election day. Attorney General Dana Nessel has threatened whistleblowers publicly with jail time, but Sheridan is encouraging whistleblowers to power past the fear and give “valuable clues to the puzzle that is now being assembled.”

“(T)o know where all the holes are we still need to understand how the election was rigged last November,” Sheridan wrote.

Big League Politics published first-hand testimony from whistleblowers who were on the floor at the TCF Center and described a gangster-style vote rigging that would put Somalia to shame:

Many of the poll challengers who were at the TCF Center in Detroit over the past few days are speaking out about their experiences. One of these whistleblowers is Tami Deveroux of Grosse Pointe, who was shocked by the behavior she witnessed…

“A person near the computers was feeding the ballots into the tabulator, and she said, ‘Mitch is a b*tch,’ and she also was talking about Donald Trump being the worst president ever, how he couldn’t win, and was just going on and on. And I had on a credential that said MIGOP, so I feel this was some kind of personal attack against me,” she said.

Poll challenger Bonnie Leone, also from Grosse Pointe, had similar encounters with belligerent Detroit poll workers.

“They didn’t mind us standing there and watching the screen, but the minute something was challenged, and they were doing a duplicate, they would scream about COVID rules every time. We couldn’t see what they were doing to remake the ballots. And nobody sitting at that table was a Republican, probably at any of those tables,” Leone told Big League Politics.

Leone was also troubled about how long it took the ballots to arrive at the facility.

“When you start seeing ballots come in at 1am and then at 5am, I mean, the polls close at 8pm. The ballots should all be there, don’t you think?” she queried.

Ian Hillam, a conservative LGBT organizer who works as a field organizer for Michigan Trump victory, attended the proceedings on the day when poll workers partnered with Detroit cops to enforce a crackdown against Republican poll challengers.

“I went to Cobo, got my credentials, went in there, and they placed me at the table. I asked the workers two simple questions: Is there a Republican at this table? They played dumb, claimed they didn’t know anyone’s affiliation. The other question was: Why are certain ballots in the problem box? They wouldn’t give me an answer there either,” Hillam said.

Because he was asking too many questions about the process, he was quickly intimidated by law enforcement in an attempt to silence him.

“Not too long afterward, a man showed up with two cops to harass me about his mask and supposedly not wearing it right. They also claimed that I was intimidating poll workers and threatened to throw me out. All I did was ask two simple questions and there is no reason why they couldn’t answer them truthfully. I filled out a report about this and so did many others. This was a common problem,” he said.

Sheridan has a tremendous amount of courage to stand against voter fraud when doing so may result in negative personal and professional consequences from the globalist elite.

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