Progressive Democrat AOC Tests Positive for Coronavirus After Maskless Florida Vacation

Ultra-progressive Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced that she’s tested positive for the coronavirus, revealing as such in a tweet posted to her official account late on Sunday.

Admittedly, there’s little to no reason that a member of Congress testing positive for coronavirus should be newsworthy. A 32-year old woman with no serious health conditions stands nearly a 100% chance of surviving the experience, and the minute health details of politicians has no relevance to the public.

However, AOC’s maskless vacation amounts to no less than hypocrisy on her part, with the Democrat previously advocating for forced mask mandates. The New York Democrat was seen partying it up in a Florida bar with her boyfriend on New Year’s Eve, as leaders of her party instructed the American public to refrain from large gatherings and to avoid crowds in deference to the coronavirus.

AOC launched into a bizarre diatribe in response to her critics pointing out her own hypocrisy, accusing them of a fetish obsession with her boyfriend’s feet. The narcissistic progressive also voiced her beliefs that her critics were colored with dislike for her because they can’t date her.

AOC dropped partisan rhetoric criticizing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for supposed mismanagement of the coronavirus, at the same time that she herself was engaging in behavior that made her likely to incur the disease.

Science on the omicron variant of the coronavirus indicates that young and healthy people are even more likely to recover from the disease without complications, raising questions about a public health approach that urges the people to live in fear of the disease. It’s more than likely that AOC will soon make a full recovery.

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