Progressive Female Gubernatorial Candidate Shouted Down at Netroots for Running Against Black Woman

Twitter/@D_Whitehead87 screenshot

A female progressive candidate in the Georgia gubernatorial race was shouted down by Black Lives Matter during her speech at Netroots Nation in Atlanta over the weekend — for daring to run against another female candiate, who happens to be black.

Netroots Nation is the largest annual conference for progressives, and took place this year from the 10-13th of August.

Stacey Evans, a member of the Georgia House of Representatives elected in 2010, grew up poor in rural northwest Georgia — the daughter of a teenage mother. Her bio says that “by the time I was 18, I lived in 16 different trailers, apartments, or houses. It was the HOPE scholarship that changed everything. It allowed me to be the first in my family to go to college and graduate the University of Georgia.”

Despite her overwhelmingly progressive views and credentials, protesters rudely stood up and turned their backs to the stage as she began to speak.

The hecklers chanted “trust black women,” as the other candidate is State Rep. Stacey Abrams — is black. There was no room for discussion about their stances, views, ideologies or contents of their character… it was simple a showdown over the color of their skin — and silencing Evans for hers being the wrong color.

The disrespectful protest was eerily similar to what was done to Senator Bernie Sanders when he attempted to speak at Netroots during his campaign during the presidential primaries. His main opponent, Hillary Clinton, had not even bothered to attend.

“I’m running for Governor because that same hand up that was offered to families like mine has been taken away. I’m running to bring that hope back to all Georgia families. But it’s not just HOPE scholarships – it’s hope as a concept. Hope that if you work hard, you will have access to a good job with a livable wage. Hope that all our kids will have access to quality pre-K and K-12 education no matter where they live. Hope that everyone has a right to access healthcare. And hope that we are all created equal and our government will not allow us to be treated otherwise,” Evans’ bio reads.

Apparently the nation learned nothing from the disaster that comes with extremist identity politics over the weekend.


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