Project Veritas: NYT consultant says every single employee hates Trump ‘They hate him like the plague, dude’

Project Veritas/YouTube/Screenshot

The investigative journalists at Project Veritas released Part Four of their American Pravda series on The New York Times — this time catching an IT consultant for the paper discussing the anti-Trump culture within the company.

The consultant, Todd Gordon, is heard bragging to an undercover reporter that there is not a single person at the paper who does not despise the President Donald J. Trump.

“Not one, not one. Everyone hates him. They hate him like the plague, dude,” the consultant said.

“Stay tuned, because our American Pravda investigation is far from finished. The New York Times isn’t the only vaunted media institution that came under our investigative magnifying glass,” Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe said.

“In fact, we have people all throughout the country inside many different media establishments, and we’re going to expose them. One by one, brick by brick, employee by employee,” O’Keefe said.

Gordon also acknowledged that without a voice at the outlet who is not full of disdain, the paper cannot accurately report on the administration.

“They unfairly, yes. I agree 100 percent. They unfairly report on him,” Gordon said.

Gordon also accuses the newspaper of publishing hearsay — particularly with their coverage of allegations of Russian meddling.

“Right, it’s all been hearsay. Maybe he did this, maybe he did that. You’re right, 100 percent. They haven’t been able to prove it,” Gordon said. “Yeah, hearsay, it’s all hearsay and they’re like grab that hearsay and let’s put it out there.”

Gordon explained that even normal conversations about the weather are turned around into anti-Trump rhetoric in the office.

“I’m like, beautiful day, today and they’re like, ‘As good as it could be, f@ck Trump.’ Everywhere I go, everywhere I go they’re like as good as it could be, but we’re f@cked.”

Previous Project Veritas videos in The New York Times series have revealed an editor admitting that they target Trump brands in hopes that it will strong-arm the president into resigning as well as admitting that he works with YouTube to manipulate which content is seen the most — burying those that would be harmful to Silicon Valley.

In another installment of this series, Project Veritas revealed New York Times Homepage Editor Des Shoe trashing the president and Vice President Michael R. Pence–speculating that journalists at the newspaper were actively trying to dissuade people from voting for Trump.


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