Prominent Evangelical, Russell Moore, Joins Left in Smearing Those Concerned About the Economy

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Over the last week or so, many conservatives have expressed concern about the detrimental effects that the prolonged coronavirus shutdown could have on the economy. This has lead not only the liberal elites to lie about and smear said conservatives as not caring about old people, but also some supposedly conservative Christians.

Among said liars sits Russell Moore, one of the most well respected and influential figures in evangelicalism.

Russell Moore is the president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commision (ERLC) – the lobbying arm of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), which consist of over 47,000 churches with over 15,000,000 members. He is basically the face of the evangelical church to the political elites.

Having such an important position didn’t deter Moore from irresponsibly smearing his fellow Christ followers, though. He took the opportunity to write a piece for the New York Times titled, ‘God Doesn’t Want Us to Sacrifice the Old.’

In this piece, Moore basically pretended as if conservative Christians who think the economy should opened up ASAP really just don’t care about old people. Moore argues,

A pandemic is no time to turn our eyes away from the sanctity of human life.

We already are hearing talk about weighing the value of human life against the health of the nation’s economy and the strength of the stock market…. Still, each human life is more significant than a trillion-dollar gross national product. Stocks and bonds are important, yes, but human beings are created in the image of God….

The value of a human life is not determined on a balance sheet. We cannot coldly make decisions as to how many people we are willing to lose since “we are all going to die of something.”

A life in a nursing home is a life worth living. A life in a hospital quarantine ward is a life worth living. The lives of our grandparents, the lives of the disabled, the lives of the terminally ill, these are all lives worth living….

We want to hear the sound of cash registers again, but we cannot afford to hear them over the cries of those made in the image of God….

One day we will tell our grandchildren how we lived, how we loved, during the Great Pandemic. Let’s respect human life in such a way that we will not be ashamed to tell them the truth.

Not only is this New York Times piece full of child-like arguments, it’s also a complete misrepresentation of the opposing side.

No one of any influence is actually arguing that we should sacrifice the old for “stocks and bonds” or a “trillion-dollar gross national product.” This Leftist talking point that’s been repeated by the likes of Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and the entirety of Left media, is clearly a strawman.

Conservatives arguing for the economy to be opened back up are doing so because they believe a collapsed economy will likely result in more death and destruction than the coronavirus.

These conservatives understand the economy is not simply the stock market, new gadgets, more money, etc., but much more. It is the thing that breeds and maintains the life of actual individuals.

Even when Moore did briefly refer to the fact that “a depression would cause untold suffering,” he didn’t make the slightest attempt to give the reader an understanding of the true level of suffering. Moore did not mention the very real possibility of an increase in suicides, homicides, stress related deaths, health related deaths, etc.

Moore makes it seem as if the debate is simply between a group that wants to “sacrifice the old” versus a group that mostly just wants to save the stock market or a particular way of life. This obviouly couldn’t be further from the truth.


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