Prominent Jewish News Agency Calls for the Teaching of Critical Race Theory in U.S. Schools

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), a prominent informational service founded by Jews over 100 years ago, is publicly going to bat for Critical Race Theory.

The JTA published an op/ed recently arguing that critical race theory must be allowed to be taught in American schools. They apparently believe that the proliferation of anti-white racism is necessary in order for Jewish history to be taught properly.

“Incited by a national hysteria over “critical race theory,” advocates of these educational fatwas are borrowing a page from authoritarian governments like Vladimir Putin’s Russia in a clumsy effort to avoid discussing the messy, controversial and painful moments in America’s history,” wrote Henry Abramson, who works as Dean of Lander College of Arts and Sciences in New York, in the op/ed.

Abramson says that all white Americans must submit to their children being taught to hate themselves due to the color of their skin. He also vehemently opposes any initiatives to teach Americans to be proud of their history, such as the 1776 Commission.

“Despite the 1776 Commissions promise to “unite, inspire, and ennoble all Americans,” these laws will chill honest engagement with hard truths, forcing teachers to lie to their students, even if only by omission,” he wrote.

Abramson also noted his intense hatred of Christians and how he wants whites to be punished because of historical grudges he holds with varying Christian sects.

“We all participate in a sacred covenant with our students: They expect us to tell them the truth. These memory laws, if enforced, would ask us to betray that covenant,” he wrote.

While there are certainly right-wing Jewish groups that vehemently oppose cultural marxism, there have been a host of powerful and influential left-wing Jewish groups vocally in support of America’s brutal transformation into the United States of Somalia.

Big League Politics reported on how 600 Jewish groups came out in favor of the Black Lives Matter terror occupation of America during last summer’s orgy of violence in the name of Dr. George Floyd King Jr.:

Over 600 Jewish groups came together last week to take out a full-page ad in the New York Times declaring their unequivocal support for the Black Lives Matter terror uprising that is tearing America apart.

“We support the Black-led movement in this country that is calling for accountability and transparency from the government and law enforcement. We know that freedom and safety for any of us depends on the freedom and safety of all of us,” the letter read, which was published in the Times on Friday.

“As Jews, we know how dangerous this is: when politicians target Jewish people and blame us for problems, it leads directly to violence against us. When Black movements are undermined, it leads to more violence against Black people, including Black Jews,” the letter continued…

Audrey Sasson, the executive director of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, said that opponents of Black Lives Matter are guilty of anti-Semitism.

“We were starting to see the far-right concoct conspiracy theories that Black Lives Matter was being manipulated by Globalists and Marxists in an anti-Semitic attempt to undermine the Black-led movement,” Sasson said.

“This brought an opportunity to unequivocally state as a large swath of Jewish community organizations that we stand behind Black Lives Matter and that any attempt to divide that movement will not land,” she added.

However, the organizers of Black Lives Matter have been explicit in their Marxist intentions from the outset.”

These large Jewish groups are seemingly on the side of America’s national destruction. This seems myopic of a position for these groups to take considering the U.S. has dumped countless billions of dollars into the state of Israel over the years.

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