Prominent Streamer Dr Disrespect Banned From Twitch Platform Without Explanation

One of the most prominent streamers in the gaming industry was suspended from Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch on Friday, having his channel removed from the service despite regularly receiving millions of the views.

Dr Disrespect, real name Guy Beahm, is one of the most popular online gaming streamers in the medium. He’s known for his colorful and belligerently competitive on-air personality, playing the role of a character of his own invention.

Twitch, a streaming platform acquired by Amazon oligarch Jeff Bezos in 2014, suddenly banned Disrespect from the platform on Friday, declining to provide and rationale for the basis of his permanent ban other than a vague allusion to violations of rules.

Beahm’s fans surprised to find out that he had been purged from the platform despite being one of its most popular users later were told that Doc’s ban would be permanent.

In one of Disrespect’s final streams on Twitch, he mentions British author and speaker David Icke, a critic of global elites and neoliberalism who some have likened to an early predecessor of Alex Jones.

Beahm behaves unusually in his final on-air broadcast, appearing suddenly concerned or worried.

Doc is yet to speak publicly on the nature of his permanent suspension, which comes just months after Twitch signed a million-dollar contract with the performer for his affiliation with the platform.

Was Doc banned for mentioning David Icke? It’s probably not even beyond the gall of liberal tech elites to ban a streamer such as Disrespect for being a prominent white male, who presents himself in an aggressive and masculine fashion. In any case, the Amazon-owned company appears decisively set on converting itself into an utterly sterile and sanitized corporate-friendly platform, in which left-wing propaganda is hawked ceaselessly to audiences who arrive for gaming content.

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